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Yes, we're stoned.

It's a job requirement and a lifestyle. We're also lit, as in the best time, the best vibe and the grooviest tribe in the 757.

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Let go of the rules... follow your heart

As adults we become stifled and repress awesome childlike qualities like spontaneity, passion and self-expression that bring joy to our lives. Cherry Stoner Paint Nights were created to entertain, delight and inspire you to "spark your creativity" throughout life.


A 420 Black light Paint Night is an excellent way to reconnect with your inner child and let go of your own expectations in a positive and welcoming environment. You can catch the vibe at a local bar, smoke shop, my private studio, or have us come to you with a private, mobile paint party!

"But, I'm not artistic!"

Everyone has a creative streak! It's not about perfection, it's about the experience and the journey, man. Plus, we'll guide you step by step to create your very own glowing masterpiece... no stress, no rules, just good vibes. If you find it difficult to follow instructions, don't worry... we love when you go off script and do your own thing!

"Is it like a sip n' paint?"

Kind of, but we blaze instead of drink... a very different experience than consuming alcohol, smoking cannabis while you create engages parts of your brain you may not use often and allows you to let go of perfection and be present in the moment. 

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How it all happened...

It started at a paint night class, not that long ago.​

As cherry followed along with the instructor, a person was watching her paint, sitting quietly in the back. When the class finished up, she was approached by the silent observer with a shocking offer for her painting.

In that moment she knew, it was time to leave the soul-sucking corporate world behind and thrive as the creative being she was meant to be. 

In addition to teaching paint nights, Cherry also has a line of merchandise featuring original creations with killer stories that make unique gifts for all the stoners in your life.

Meet Rae

The Newest Puff & Paint Teacher

She's one of my best friends and the inspiration behind Cherry Stoner! With years of art and teaching experience, you'll be in good hands. Rae will be holding classes at Cherry's studio and select locations.

You can follow her on Insta @raeoneart


The Support System

All of this has been made possible by people like you, believers in the power of creativity, and the family and friends who have given their blood, sweat and tears to help make this dream a reality. 

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